Enhanced Table Dashboard Component for Spring 10

I’ve been playing around with the Spring 10 Pre-release for Salesforce when I’ve had some time and one of the features I glossed over in my first post, is the enhanced table dashboard component. This is actually a nice little enhancement. Basically, you can now add another row of data to the table, and using grouping can Read more about Enhanced Table Dashboard Component for Spring 10[…]

Spring ’10 Is Coming

The next Salesforce release – Spring 10 – is coming in early February. Details are starting to come out about what’s in there, but the easiest way to see is the free pre-release trial. To sign up, go tohttps://www.salesforce.com/form/trial/prerelease_spring10.jsp. Some of the top features seem to be: Quotes – The Pilot from Winter 10, is Read more about Spring ’10 Is Coming[…]

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