October 28, 2016

Apex Development Approach

Without a solid trigger architecture, even the simplest triggers quickly become difficult to manage and require development resources to execute seemingly simple changes. The GearsCRM Trigger Architecture leverages Salesforce configuration to create efficiencies and reduce dependency on development resources. Improving upon traditional trigger frameworks, our approach puts more control in the hands of Salesforce Admins and adheres to all of the industry-wide development best practices.

GearsCRM Trigger Architecture Benefits

  • Code can be activated and deactivated via configuration, delivering immediate results without a deployment
  • Admins have access to view and update the execution order of methods via standard configuration – without having to read code
  • Experience smoother go-lives by deploying the code in advance of the go-live date and simply activating the appropriate records once the go-live date has arrived
  • Trigger Architecture provides a clean, readable structure; all relevant information about the trigger can be reviewed in configuration

To learn more about the GearsCRM Trigger Architecture, we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions.

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