January 9, 2014


GearsCRM has developed several applications over the years to help support our implementations. Below are some of the most popular applications that we’ve seen our customers request most frequently. All of the applications we develop are built on the force.com platform

BREeze | Business Rules Engine

BREeze (Business Rules Engine) is a dynamic rules engine that allows you to develop a rules set that can assign any field (or fields) on any object at any time. BREeze takes the concept of the standard Lead and Case Assignment rules and extends to across all of salesforce.

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If you’ve ever wanted to directly add a user to a Chatter feed, AddFollowers is for you! Quickly and easily add (or remove!) multiple followers to any Chatter feed. This free app even allows you to work with Community or Chatter Free users.

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Round Robin

This app provides advanced Round Robin functionality for Leads or Cases by leveraging Queues to distribute records to Queue Members. Continue to leverage standard assignment rules and manage your round robins without any development support. Included are features such as weighted assignments, the ability to “pause” a user who is on vacation and more.

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PinPoint leverages Salesforce’s SOS product to provide your call center agent’s with the capability to see what your customer’s issue is. Instead of having your call center agents struggle to diagnose or even identify issues over a phone conversation, give them a 2-way camera with your customer to allow them to actually see the equipment and issue.

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