February 11, 2014


Any Field. Any Object. Any Time.

BREeze (Business Rules Engine) is a dynamic rules engine that allows you to develop a rules set to automate the population of data across all objects and fields. BREeze takes the concept of the standard Lead and Case Assignment rules and extends to across all of salesforce. Whether you are looking to assign the Owner of objects other than Leads or Cases, or if you’re out of workflow rules due to trying to build a field update for every scenario, BREeze can simplify your complex data rules in an easy to use interface with no developer required to maintain. With BREeze you can assign any field on any object at any time.

BREeze 3.0 is now available! To learn more about all of the new features see the BREeze 3.0 Announcement.

Common uses for BREeze:

  • Assign Owners for Accounts, Opportunities or Custom Objects
    • Replace Territory Management in most instances
    • Can also assign Account Teams
  • Update multiple fields on any object from a single rule
  • Almost out of workflows? Replace 100’s of workflows into a single rule based set
  • Automatically add Users to Public Groups or Chatter Groups
  • Execute BREeze at any time – not just on record insert like Lead and Case assignments
  • *New with BREeze 3.0* Evaluate all rules in a rules set – Instead of stopping on the first rule that is true, allow for multiple rules being true within a rule set and having all of them update
  • BREeze includes a suite of tools to help manage your rules
    • Stamp each record with the rule that wrote to it – No more hunting to find the rule causing the problem
    • Ability to test any live record to see what rule it would execute – without running the update
    • Changes to rules can be history tracked for easy auditing
  • BREeze can be extended with custom functions for complicated rules processing such as data cleansing or lookups

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