BREeze 4.0 – Smart Processing and Other New Features

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly four years since we rolled out our first version of BREeze. Early on when we first launched BREeze the vision was mostly around expanding the standard assignment rules, but instead of being restrained to just being able to assign Owners on Leads and Contacts, we wanted to be Read more about BREeze 4.0 – Smart Processing and Other New Features[…]

Block Sensitive Data or Patterns in salesforce

With the Winter 16 release, salesforce released a feature that allows admins to block certain patterns from being captured by Live Agent chats. This was really the first time salesforce had released a feature to address what happens if you accidentally capture sensitive information from your customers. The fact is that your customer’s are not Read more about Block Sensitive Data or Patterns in salesforce[…]

Automatically Add Salesforce Users to Public Groups / Chatter Groups

If you have a lot of users – either Internal or Community users – and if you have a very active instance of salesforce – you are probably leveraging Public Groups and Chatter Groups extensively. As you create more of these Public Groups or Chatter Groups, it becomes tougher and tougher to manage adding users Read more about Automatically Add Salesforce Users to Public Groups / Chatter Groups[…]

Consolidate Salesforce Workflows into a Rules Set

If you’re a power administrator of salesforce, you’re probably already close to hitting your workflow limits on an object – or maybe even already hit it and been getting creative trying to get around these limits. One of the things we’ve found is that customers with lots of workflows typically have this due to trying Read more about Consolidate Salesforce Workflows into a Rules Set[…]

Assignment Rules for Custom Objects

Salesforce’s ability to easily add new custom objects is one of its strongest features. For the most part, the custom object has all of the functionality you have on standard objects – in some cases even more – such as Workflow, Custom Fields, Reporting, etc. Unfortunately one feature that is missing is the ability to Read more about Assignment Rules for Custom Objects[…]

Overview of salesforce’s Process Builder

Process Builder is one of the most exciting new administrator tools that salesforce has released in years. As many of you know, Process Builder was released in beta for Winter 15 and will soon be generally available in Spring 15. As we’ll detail below, Process Builder really expands what an administrator can do with standard Read more about Overview of salesforce’s Process Builder[…]

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