Salesforce Spring 15 is coming

Salesforce Spring 15 New Features – Part 1

I spent Christmas Eve pouring over the new Spring 15 release notes thoroughly enjoying my first Christmas present of the season. Does that make me a little odd? Possibly, but why else would salesforce release these on Christmas Eve unless they knew there were a large group of people like me? (no need to answer Read more about Salesforce Spring 15 New Features – Part 1[…]

Salesforce Summer 13 Features – Part 1

The Salesforce Summer ’13 release notes are out, and it’s a monster. Coming in at 258(!) pages, there really are too many features this release to describe in one post, so I’m going to break it out into two. Part I below will cover overall salesforce platform and Sales Cloud features, while Part II will Read more about Salesforce Summer 13 Features – Part 1[…]’s Spring 13 Release Features

Just in time for Christmas, the Spring 13 release notes are out. After 3 or 4 pretty jam packed releases, it looks like salesforce is taking a little bit of a breather for this one. While not a ton in here, there’s still some good stuff. In addition, a lot of the new mobile/touch apps Read more about’s Spring 13 Release Features[…] Mobile Lite Enhancements in Spring 10

Spring 10 started to roll out last night to a few of the instances. One of the big enhancements with Spring 10 is the upgrade to the Salesforce mobile lite edition.  The biggest enhancement is that you can now edit and delete records from any standard object from your mobile device. Previously, Mobile Lite was read Read more about Mobile Lite Enhancements in Spring 10[…]

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