Spring 10

Salesforce.com Mobile Lite Enhancements in Spring 10

Spring 10 started to roll out last night to a few of the instances. One of the big enhancements with Spring 10 is the upgrade to the salesforce.com mobile lite edition.  The biggest enhancement is that you can now edit and […]

Enhanced Table Dashboard Component for Spring 10

I’ve been playing around with the Spring 10 Pre-release for salesforce.com when I’ve had some time and one of the features I glossed over in my first post, is the enhanced table dashboard component. This is actually a nice little enhancement. Basically, […]

Spring ’10 Is Coming

The next salesforce.com release – Spring 10 – is coming in early February. Details are starting to come out about what’s in there, but the easiest way to see is the free pre-release trial. To sign up, go tohttps://www.salesforce.com/form/trial/prerelease_spring10.jsp. Some […]