May 5, 2012


GearsCRM provides Salesforce consulting for companies that are serious about CRM. You can leverage our deep expertise in Salesforce to improve your business bottom-line performance. Using Salesforce as the foundation, we’ll help you build streamlined processes that work together smoothly. We’ll enable your Sales, Marketing and Services teams to greatly improve their productivity and effectiveness through more efficient information sharing.

GearsCRM is a full-service consultancy for Salesforce and is able to provide configuration, best practices as well as apex and visualforce development services to our clients – all with certified and local resources.

Following are descriptions of the primary services we offer.

Salesforce Automation (SFA) / Sales with Sales Cloud

sales cloud services

Sales force automation – the systematic tracking of contacts with prospects and customers – is at the core of any ssuccessful CRM roll-out. GearsCRM has years of experience with opportunity and forecast management. Improve your pipeline and forecast accuracy, business intelligence and account management without adding a burden to your sales force.

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Lightning Experience Services

lightning experience services

Designed to help users increase productivity and work smarter, the new Lightning Experience (LEX) is more than just a completely updated UI – it’s the foundation for all future enhancements to the Salesforce platform.  With innovative features like Sales Path, Opportunity Kanban and customizable Lightning Components LEX takes the benefits of the platform to the next level.  At Gears, we’re seeing early adopters of LEX reduce sales cycles, engage with customers more thoughtfully, and remediate service issues more effectively.

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Customer Service with Service Cloud

customer support with Service Cloud

Improve your customer services by having a crisp CRM process that is focused on your customers’ needs. GearsCRM can help identify and implement ways to improve case management utilizing Salesforce’s industry leading Service Cloud offering.

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Community Cloud implementations

Customer and Partner Communities are a vital way to extend your company’s data and processes to your customers and partners. Customer Communities allow your customers to engage with your customer service teams and view or edit their data, while Partner Communities allow you to extend your Sales and Service organizations. We can help you to design and implement these Communities on top of your salesforce instance and extend your company’s reach.

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Analytics Cloud

analytics cloud

In a world where data is growing exponentially, gathering insights from it is becoming more and more challenging. Salesforce has historically been at the forefront of being able to bring reporting to the users who need it as quickly as possible. Now with the Wave Cloud Analytics platform that theme continues. Previously – with other BI tools – users had to depend on IT teams to add aggregations to reports or additional fields and then wait weeks to get reports created. Now, with Wave Cloud Analytics, Salesforce has developed a product where the users can dynamically interact with their data directly from Salesforce.

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Data Management & Integration

integration and data management

The success of your CRM implementation is completely dependent on the quality of your data. GearsCRM takes data management very seriously. With our hands-on knowledge of how data flows through Salesforce, we can help you connect salesforce to other systems of record, giving your company a true 360 degree view of your customers. Our Boomi certified Technical Architects can help you design the optimal integration package. Just getting the data into salesforce isn’t enough. We can help you keep your data accurate and clean. We can implement data cleansing or de-duplication solutions as well as quality control checks within Salesforce. We are also available to help with any data migration or cleansing project you need to accomplish.

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