January 25, 2016

Analytics Cloud


In a world where data is growing exponentially, gathering insights from it is becoming more and more challenging. Salesforce has historically been at the forefront of being able to bring reporting to the users who need it as quickly as possible. Now with the Wave Cloud Analytics platform that theme continues. Previously – with other BI tools – users had to depend on IT teams to add aggregations to reports or additional fields and then wait weeks to get reports created. Now, with Wave Cloud Analytics, Salesforce has developed a product where the users can dynamically interact with their data directly from Salesforce.

The true paradigm shift comes from the fact that you no longer need to know the exact question you want to ask. Instead you can go through a journey of “what ifs” and really glean insights that you may not plan on finding.

With the introduction of Community licenses you can now share these insights with your Partners and Customers. This often becomes a huge value add when there is a need to present large volumes of transactional data.

Like most implementations it is crucial to set up Wave for success. Behind the Dashboards that are being generated are Datasets that need to be thoughtfully developed to ensure the highest level of flexibility and scalability GearsCRM will assist in setting up Wave Analytics, guiding you through the process of building these Datasets and help build your first set of interactive dashboards. If you require outside data sources to be connected to Wave Analytics, our Data Services team can assist in building these integrations.

GearsCRM is a certified Analytics Cloud partner. We’ve had years of experience helping clients realize their business needs around reporting and dashboard solutions.

In addition to the configurable Analytics Platform, Salesforce has released function specific Apps that take standard processes and show universally used dashboards. We feel the Service App is going to very useful to large organizations.

We have a flexible model of working with clients and setting them up to be able to manage and support the platform themselves.

Just some of the Analytics Cloud services we offer:

  • Analytics Cloud training
  • Creation of Reports
  • Creation of Datasets
  • Setting up Wave Analytics
  • Build Dashboards
To learn more about how GearsCRM can help you create the right Analytics Cloud components for your organization, please contact us and we will be happy to schedule a call to discuss possible solutions.
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